Sunday, 1 May 2011

First Post!!

Hi everyone, I'd like to first thank you for checking out my blog and hope your looking forward to seeing what it has to offer!

This is my first blog so I'm still finding my way around and learning new things all the time so stay with me :P Once I get going I'll be posting about literally anything guitar related that comes into my head weather it be reviews of gear or concerts, info about my favorite gear and sounds and even some stuff on how to play some of my songs from my youtube channel and my thoughts on them.

I've always loved the idea of blogging and it gives me the power to communicate and spread any ideas or thoughts with people around the world. My favorite part of this is that you guys can comment and make this page a two way discussion which could lead anywhere and should hopefully fill this blog with colour. So please if you have any questions, praise, criticism or advice let me know and I'm sure I'll get back to you shortly.   

So a big thank you for stopping by, I really hope you stay tuned and I greatly appreciate it if you chose to follow me :)


  1. Really looking forward to it. :D

  2. Nice setup you have here

  3. Welcome mate. Keep posting !

  4. I'm going to try and learn one of your songs.